Full Court International's

drop step academies


Two levels of instruction for male and female players:


1) Scholastic - Grades 7-12 (players who have experience playing at the Modified, Freshmen, JV,

                                    Varsity, or AAU levels).


2) Collegiate/Professional - Players who are currently playing in college, or at the professional levels.


What Full Court International's  

  • Intense and customized instruction designed for players who play the front court positions and are SERIOUS about improving their inside game. 
  • Emphasis on acquisition, improving, and refining of the fundamental skills of post play. 
  • Individual and small group instruction. No more than five participants in an instructional session. 
  • Instructional groups are age, skill level, and gender specific.


What Full Court International's  drop step academies skills instructional sessions can include:

  • How to use body on both offense and defense to establish position and become a physical presence in the paint.
  • How to use body on both offense and defense when finesse is called for in the lane.



  • Back to the basket (low post) moves
  • Facing the basket (high post/wing) moves
  • Squaring up, attacking the rim, and finishing strong
  • Using both hands from both sides of the basket



  • Denying and defending the low post
  • Denying and defending the high post/wing
  • Sliding and positioning
  • Shot Blocking
  • Taking Charges



  • Boxing Out
  • Defensive positioning and outlet passes
  • Offensive positioning and put backs



  • How to properly set and use
  • Rolling and Popping after screen
  • Defending/Hedging and recovering


Footwork and Agility

  • Jump stops and pivoting
  • Cutting and moving without the ball
  • Sliding
  • Quickness and agility drills


Passing and Ball Handling

  • Different styles of passes post players should possess
  • Ball handling drills specific to post play


Contact our office for more information on Full Court International's drop step academies