NBA’s Assistant Coaches Program

Observer – National Basketball Association’s Assistant Coaches Program (2021 Cohort)

  • Selected from a highly competitive, world wide, pool of qualified coaching candidates for one of only four Observer positions in this prestigious program designed for retired NBA, G-League, and WNBA players, that taught them the “nuts and bolts” of the skills needed of being an assistant coach, and video coordinator at the NBA and G-League levels.
  • Learned, obtained, and worked with the skills and tools that are needed to become a successful coach at a high professional level…including extensive technical training in scouting and video editing software, analytics, and technologies such as: Synergy, Fast Draw, Fast Scout, SportsCode.
  • Learned how to evaluate individual players, design player development plans to help players improve their game skills to play at the elite level; as well as, scout opponents, create detailed scouting reports for presentation to both coaching staff and players. 
  • Obtained an increased awareness and knowledge of how to do multiple items which are the responsibilities as an assistant coach, such as preparing practice plans and game strategies, and in game stat taking, adjustments, and interaction with players.
  • The National Basketball Association’s Assistant Coaches Program is intense, extensive, and in-depth six month program that provides and develops it’s participants with hands-on-coaching experiences, scouting software training, professional development and event-based networking opportunities.